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A few words about us

C4 was started in the year 1997 as the brainchild of Jyotishka Dasgupta, co-ordinator for all activities related to Trinity College London in Eastern India.

C4 is the centre for Trinity College London Examinations at Kolkata.

We offer lessons under the tutelage of a team of fully qualified and experienced teachers in the field of:-

MUSIC: Pianoforte, Violin, Guitar, Electronic Keyboard, Drum Kit.

DRAMA & SPEECH: Communication Skills, Acting in Pairs, Performing Text, etc.. .

People we have the honour to be associated with

Asia, South East Asia and Asia Pacific

Representing Eastern India at Trinity College London International Conference

Mr. M.H. Das & Mr. Anthony Gomes

Mr. M.H. Das who represents Southern India and Mr. Anthony Gomes who represents Western India


Trinity College London CEO, Sarah Kemp's speech at the TCL Kolkata 125th celebration

Mrs. Anjli Mata & Mrs. Khurshid Masani

Mrs. Anjli Mata who looks after North India and Mrs. Khurshid Masani who looks after Nagpur

Mrs. Khyo Ngully & Mrs. Minette Duncan Marbaniang

Mrs. Khyo Ngully who looks after Nagaland and Mrs. Minette Duncan Marbaniang who looks after Meghalaya

First Day at C4


The Trinity College was founded in 1872 and is one of the leading colleges in the United Kingdom.
C4 provides trained faculty to teach and prepare
candidates for
Diploma, Certificates in Practical & Theory under Trinity College London

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Our Offices


Dolna Day School
P-V, CIT Scheme K-III, Rashbehari Connector
Kolkata - 700 042, Telephones: 2442-5032/4102
Email: jyotishka@gmail.com

  • UNIT 2

  • AE 332, Salt Lake City, Kolkata -700 064
  • Telephone : 94330 48830